Danny grew up in a small town in Southern California. He was inspired to start tattooing by his neighbors and fellow artist around him. He grew up right next door to 2 tattooists, with both different styles, and he fell in love with the artwork on people’s bodies and from there he knew he wanted to become a tattooer! Danny loves colorful things and he loves tattooing color just as much! Danny gets a lot of inspiration from anime/ animals/ games/nature and many more.

He has a lot of tattoo idols that helps him help create and push his artwork every day! His main idol will have to be his mentor Joe Riley. Danny apprenticed under Joe for 2 years. Joe helped Danny create and push his style which is more of a new traditional style of tattooing. Danny gets inspired by James Mullin, Jon Leighton, Chad Lambert, Timmy B, Phil Garcia, Guy Aitchison, Ron Earhart and many more tattooers.Danny loves tattooing and pushing his artwork towards a neo-traditional style of tattooing. Danny learned a lot about color tattooing and is good at it. He wants to push more color but also has fun tattooing every kind of style that he knows he can do to become a diverse artist; and wants to be able to tattoo anything that can walk through those doors! 

The only thing Danny wants to learn more in the industry he said is “ the only thing I feel like I need to learn more about this industry is my artwork, the only thing I care about is my artwork and remembering where I came from and who helped push myself along this journey, every day is a challenge to produce a better tattoo than yesterday and that’s what I love! I want to push my artwork, I want to push my brain until I HAVE to think outside the box, I love what I do and most importantly I love my clients, the people that allow me to keep doing what I do and love my artwork on their body!” Danny is one of those artists that loves and has passion for tattooing and not just tattooing but the love for his art and determination to grow as an artist.

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